About us

We are a home for creators & influencers

We organize events to connect influencers, creators & brands. All our public events are both for beginners and those who already have an audience. Our invite-only events are for a selected audience.

We are a home for creators & influencers

What types of events do we organize?

At our Social Media Creators & Influencer Meetup we bring together creators, influencer with other people in the social media space: Brands, agencies, product owners, and those who are working on their goal on growing an audience.

We started in the summer of 2019 in Berlin, expanded to London in 2020, and when the pandemic hit were "forced" to kick it off worldwide. Now we're creating in-person events in multiple cities in Europe & North Amerca, and virtual ones worldwide.

What can you expect on our events?

  • Introductions: Everyone is invited to share what they are doing and what challenges they facee
  • Talks: Sometimes we have speakers sharing their journey on growing and monetizing their social media.
  • Networking: There's always enough time to get to know the other people present.
  • Drinks: Usually we have a nice budget for drinks for everyone.

We would love to see you there!