Social Rising

Why Social Rising

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Meetups all over the world

Our participants don't have to worry about anything other than the registration. We organize a fully managed Meetup in different Cities all over the world, both virtual and present. Our events are completely free of charge so that our participants can get to know each other carefree and without pressure.

Personal Connection

We give you the opportunity to get to know each participant personally at the events and to connect if it suits you. We will also help you build a relationship with your client and follow up if you wish. Furthermore, at each of our meetings we have exciting speakers, who are experts in their field and share their stories with everyone or ask about special cooperations.

Workshops for practical knowledge

In addition to our get-to-know meetings, we also share knowledge by holding workshops in various areas of social media marketing. We invite specialists to answer all kinds of questions to help you move forward in the social media world and to grow your business.